Steve Marvel

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, currently lives in the East Bay.

Steve’s music Bio-Steveinfluences: “I caught ‘BeatleMania’ at a very young age. Eventually it came to Aerosmith, followed by my introduction¬† to Genesis (pre and post Peter), Yes, and Van Halen. Moving to San Francisco just in time for the whole ‘Modern Rock’ sound of the 80s was a notable moment. And I loved the ‘Dynatones’ out of San Francisco. I absolutely loved the ‘The Verve’ release in circa ’97 and had a bizarre obsession with anything ‘Oasis’. But I have to admit, my favorite Go-to live rock concert is The Scorpions!”

Bands he has performed in: Public Eye, Brother Buzz, Word of Mouth, Atticus Finch, Ruby Shoes

Life passions: Golf, boating, attending live sports events

“It’s about that one moment in a show…you see the looks on the faces in the crowd…and you know…there is nothing in the world you’d rather be doing…right now!….Steve