Rick Spitaleri

Born in San Francisco, currently lives in the East Bay

Bio-RickRick says his musical influences are his wife (LOL), Jimmy Smith, Ray Charles, Michael McDonald, Paul McCartney, and Stevie Wonder

Bands he has performed in: Public Eye, Brothers Buzz, Gropus Cactus (Bell records artist), Bandana, Garcia Brothers, PT & The Cruzers. He has also played with Elvin Bishop, Chuck Berry, Pablo Cruse, and shared the stage with Tina Turner, Billy Preston, Santana, Sly & The Family Stone and more.  (Rick wonders if this is showing his age 🙂  lol)

Life passions: Drawing, painting, traveling, spending time with family and friends, bike riding, walking

“I starting playing an Organ that my grandfather bought me at the early age of 10 and have been playing ever since. Music is a universally-loved language for all, and I feel blessed to be able to entertain people who enjoy the art. It’s in my blood.”…Rick