Jim “Jag” Agostino

Jim AgostinoPlays: Keyboards

Residence: SF Bay Area

James “JAG” is the third and latest Jim to join the band. Jag hails from Seattle, Washington and currently lives in Livermore. His passion for music started with playing drums, at 10 years old. A couple years later, he began banging on an old piano the family had in the house. He learned to play songs by ear… never took piano lessons. Eventually, he sold his drums to buy an electric piano, and souped up the old piano by putting thumb tacks in the felt hammers; to get a bright-percussive piano sound similar to what the Beatles used on many songs (Mrs. Mills Piano). 

His musical influences include the Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John, Steve Winwood, Supertramp and the Eagles, to name a few. He also enjoys playing Ragtime and Jazz. 

James is a songwriter and sound designer. He released a solo piano CD and has collaborated with other artists writing and recording multiple songs, over the years. He continues to enjoy producing and recording a wide range of musical styles in his home studio; including funk, pop, rock, country, soul, experimental and atmospheric. His future goals include composing music for Film, TV and Stage. 

Over the past 25 years, he has performed around the Seattle area at Bars, Community Events and Private Parties, both solo and with various bands: Little Italy, Backbeat, Zero to Hero, and now Public Eye!