Jeff “JP” Peck

Jeff PeckPlays: Bass Guitar

Residence: SF Bay Area

Jeff spent his formative musical years in Montreal, Canada as a vocalist.  A need for qualified bass players inspired him to purchase a $99 bass guitar in 1985 and he subsequently embarked on a 35+ year obsession with the groove! 

His influences include James Jamerson, Chuck Rainey, Jaco, Tony Levin, Geddy Lee, Nathan Watts, Marcus Miller, Paul Chambers, John Paul Jones and countless others.  Jeff is a fan of all types of music and spent 16 years in Chicago playing in jazz, blues, funk and rock bands. 

After relocating to Danville, California in 2014 with his wife Lisa and children, Jeff has been heard delivering exhilarating grooves and soaring vocal harmonies all over the Bay Area with Salvage Title, Uncle Rico and Blind Venetians, and now Public Eye!