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This page contains everything you need to know to book Public Eye, the band. It includes the band’s bio, playlist, and media photos.

Band Bio:

Four guys got together in 1993 and talked about being in a band together; most knew each other already. They were Steve Marvel (lead vocals), Mike Simmons (bass), Rich Flynn (lead guitar) and Matt Berg (drums). Together they voted on a band name – Public Eye, and then Steve started getting them booked. As the front man and lead singer, it fell to Steve naturally. Public Eye plays in bars and clubs mostly, but they also perform at weddings and other private events, festivals and corporate events; some they play year after year. Over the years, Public Eye has performed all over the Bay Area. After a few years, Matt the drummer left the band to pursue other music endeavors. That’s when Eric Wood joined the band as its drummer. In 2013, Rich Flynn left the band for other pursuits. Jimmy Corkery then joined Public Eye as lead guitarist. Jim had actually played on occasion with Public Eye in the past. Rick Spitaleri played keyboards and vocals for a few years, starting in 2013. In late 2015, Eric left the band, and Jim Hamilton joined as Public Eye’s drummer. In 2020, Public Eye got a new keyboards player, Jim Agostino. In 2021, long-time bass player, Mike left the band and in came new bass player, Jeff Peck. Click here to see individual biographies.

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Photography by Rhonda Howell