Steve Marvel

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, currently lives in the East Bay. Steve’s music influences: “I caught ‘BeatleMania’ at a very young age. Eventually it came to Aerosmith, followed by my introduction  to Genesis (pre and post Peter), Yes, and Van Halen. Moving to San Francisco just in time for the whole ‘Modern Rock’ sound of the 80s was a notable moment. And I loved the ‘Dynatones’ out of San Francisco. I absolutely loved the ‘The Verve’ release in circa ’97 and had a Read More

Mike Simmons

Currently lives in Berkeley, baby! Mike’s music influences are: too many to list! Bands he has performed in: Public Eye, Word of Mouth Life Passions: Craftmanship carpentry, 49ers, SF Giants, good beer, family time.

Jimmy Corkery

Born in New York City, New York. Currently lives in San Francisco Jimmy’s musical influences are George Harrison, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Mick Abrahams, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Alvin Lee, Mick Ronson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert Lee Bands he has performed in:  Public Eye, The Blades, Gone Jackals, Under Cover, Heart & Soul, Word of Mouth, Rock O’Matics, Colony Street Band Life Passions: Playing good music, Ireland, trying to stay upright on ski’s, Girl Scout cookies, family reunions, watching the 49ers while drinking Read More

Rick Spitaleri

Born in San Francisco, currently lives in the East Bay Rick says his musical influences are his wife (LOL), Jimmy Smith, Ray Charles, Michael McDonald, Paul McCartney, and Stevie Wonder Bands he has performed in: Public Eye, Brothers Buzz, Gropus Cactus (Bell records artist), Bandana, Garcia Brothers, PT & The Cruzers. He has also played with Elvin Bishop, Chuck Berry, Pablo Cruse, and shared the stage with Tina Turner, Billy Preston, Santana, Sly & The Family Stone and more.  (Rick wonders if Read More

Jim Hamilton

Jim was born in Stuttgart, Germany, while his parents were each teaching at the Army Base there. They moved to Hayward, CA a couple of years later, then settled in Pleasanton. (Jim currently lives in Livermore). Jim started playing drums when he was about ten years old, continuing through middle school, and ending up in the Amador High School Band. Bands he’s performed in: Public Eye, Possible Motive (warmed up for Elvin Bishop), Spitfire, California, High Rise, Run for Cover, Jet Lag, Read More